We hope you can join us for Frontier Day this week at the High Desert Museum in Bend. This is a self-guided visit that will start at 10 and you will have the day at the museum. Please arrive a few minutes early so your students can participate in an icebreaker activity and take a photo with their classmates. If you are traveling please check the weather before leaving, we have had dangerous conditions on the pass last year and always want families to err on the side of caution.

Last Thursday, we shared the teacher appreciation videos the students created with the teachers they created them for. Thank you. We have a special group of teachers who care very much for their students and so those videos elicited a lot of tears. We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do and it is alway such a gift to hear good things from students and families.  

Don’t forget next week is Thanksgiving, students and staff have the week off from live lessons.  Enjoy the time!

Important Date Reminders

November 16th

Bend Frontier Day, High Desert Museum 10-1(ish); please bring your own lunch

November 19th - 23rd

Thanksgiving Week (No School)

December 24 - January 4th

Winter Break (No School)