Effective March 1st, 2014 the process for parents to claim a non-medical exemption (formerly called religious exemption) changed. Oregon will no longer accept out-of-state exemptions or exemptions signed after the March 1st date.

Parents choosing a non-medical exemption (religious exemption) will be required to submit to the school a document showing either:

  1. A signature from a health care practitioner verifying discussion of the risks and benefits of immunization, or

  2. A certificate of completion of an interactive online educational video about the risks and benefits of immunization.

For families who choose the second option, the link to the educational module is below. Please note that Google Chrome is not the preferred internet browser for this module, so Mozilla Firefox is recommended instead.

Please send health care provider signature or certificate of completion to Frontier Charter Academy:

Email: enroll@frontiercharteracademy.org

Fax: 503-212-0203