Start of Year


Start of Year

Once your student's enrollment process is completed and their start date arrives, you can expect the following:


Chromebook kit

Your student's Chromebook kit, which includes all technology needed for the school year, will be shipped via FedEx. K-5 students will receive a separate shipment of physical materials, also. Read the Chromebook kit welcome letter here.


Account email

Next, keep an eye out for a message from the Help Desk to the email used to register your student. In it are the student FCA account credentials and next steps for getting started! Your student can log in right away once the Chromebook arrives.


Complete Orientation

Lastly, students will find that they are enrolled in Student Orientation, a comprehensive Canvas course that introduces them to the FCA program and technology. Once this is completed, their content courses will be ordered!

Canvas Resources

Canvas Resources


As of September 2018, all parent(s)/guardian(s) with a student registered at FCA have a Canvas account (called Observer Role) automatically created. An Observer Role can see all course content and grades specific to their student only in the Canvas platform. Observers can also opt in to email notifications and digests about course activity.

Login is the email address used during student enrollment.
Password is the student's birthday (year, month, day) in the following format: January 8th, 2005 would be 20050108

Parental Notices

Parental Notices

Google logo

Google School Information

Find out more about Google Apps for Education services and how they are used for student privacy.


Notification of Rights under FERPA

Find out more about parental rights to student education records.


Education Records

Find out more about how education records are kept by FCA.

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Release of Information

Find out more about how the school district releases high school student information to military and college recruiters.