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In this weeks blog post we will quickly be looking into the Canvas Parent app that is available for Android and iOS mobile devices! As mentioned in the last blog post, your Canvas Observer account is a great way to keep an eye on a student’s grades and progress throughout their courses. The app connects to your Observer Account, providing a high level overview of the students you are Observing. It does have some limitations, and does not provide as much information as would be available if accessing your Observer Account through a traditional browser. For example, the Canvas Parent app cannot access course content or detailed assignment feedback. It is mainly used as a handy tool to keep an eye on grades and due dates.

 If you’re interested, this app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the Apple Store for Apple products. In either of these marketplaces, simply search for ‘Canvas Parent’ and look for the blue Canvas icon shown above.

Already have an Observer Account? Then you simply need to log in after downloading the app with the same email and password. If not, you can easily create one and link your Observer Account to the student account using that students pairing code (see link above).


Course View

Once your account is setup, a student’s course grades and assignment scores are always just a few taps away!

The Courses screen for the app is a quick overview of a student’s overall grades for each of their courses, and is essentially a home page. 

To add a new student to observe, tap the hamburger button in the top left (box 1), and then ‘Manage Children’. There will be a blue + button to add a new student account in the bottom right. Again, you will need that students pairing code!

If you are Observing multiple students, you can change which student you are currently viewing by tapping the carrot highlighted in box 2, and then selecting the appropriate student’s name.

To view a given weeks upcoming and past assignments for a specific course, simply tap that course on this screen.

Week View

The Week View will allow you to see upcoming and past assignments throughout all of a students courses for a given week. Tap the arrows on each side of the date range to change the week in view! 

Notice that you can quickly identify missing or late work as well as upcoming assignments for the week. 

By tapping one of the assignments listed, you can view more specific information for that assignment, as well as set a reminder.



Manage Children & Set Alerts

You can set the Canvas Parent app to alert you if certain conditions are (or are not) met. As mentioned previously, to access Manage Children and these alert settings, tap the hamburger menu in the top left hand corner and Manage Children from the navigation menu that appears. Then tap a student’s name to customize the alert settings for that account. I’d recommend setting up these alerts, as they can be very handy in keeping you in the loop without necessarily needing to open the app itself (after they are initially set of course).

And that’s really all there is to it! This nifty app provides you with a high level view of your students school work and grades, all accessible from your pocket. 

If you have any questions regarding the information above or just related to our tech systems in general, feel free to submit a help ticket to the FCA Help Desk. We will be glad to hear from you!

Tech Bytes: Using the Canvas Observer Account

Tech Bytes: Using the Canvas Observer Account

Hello FCA parents! This is the first installment of the FCA Tech Bytes Blog. You can expect a new post a couple times a month covering a variety of different tech tips and tutorials related to the tech tools used at FCA. 
This week we’re looking into Canvas Observer accounts, what they are, and best uses for your account. If you have not yet setup an Observer Account, you can follow the steps in this article from the help guide to do so.

What's so Special About FCA's Special Programs

What's so Special About FCA's Special Programs

He came to FCA with reservations about school. He didn’t like it much. He felt like he couldn’t do what teachers were asking of him. Slowly, week by week, he started to realize that what he thought wasn’t really the case. He could do school. He was actually pretty good at it! The work was challenging sometimes, but he was excelling and his confidence started to grow. He entered class a bit reluctant, but now he knows he is smart and can do anything his teachers put in front of him, and he’s proud of himself. 

11.15.18 Parent Communication

We hope you can join us for Frontier Day this week at the High Desert Museum in Bend. This is a self-guided visit that will start at 10 and you will have the day at the museum. Please arrive a few minutes early so your students can participate in an icebreaker activity and take a photo with their classmates. If you are traveling please check the weather before leaving, we have had dangerous conditions on the pass last year and always want families to err on the side of caution.

Last Thursday, we shared the teacher appreciation videos the students created with the teachers they created them for. Thank you. We have a special group of teachers who care very much for their students and so those videos elicited a lot of tears. We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do and it is alway such a gift to hear good things from students and families.  

Don’t forget next week is Thanksgiving, students and staff have the week off from live lessons.  Enjoy the time!

Important Date Reminders

November 16th

Bend Frontier Day, High Desert Museum 10-1(ish); please bring your own lunch

November 19th - 23rd

Thanksgiving Week (No School)

December 24 - January 4th

Winter Break (No School)